Calgary’s Finest Video Production

At Urban Revolver, we know everything there is about video production; it’s in our DNA, we love what we do, and it shows. Whether brainstorming an initial concept, or putting that extra polish on the final take, Urban Revolver wants to help you with everything in between to make you and your message shine. Our primary goal is to build a story with you. And, we want to build it into a lasting and effective video strategy rather than a one-time, simple video production.


Our video consultants will take the time to understand your message and market. It’s important to know for certain how to best capture the attention of your audience. This may include storyboarding, scriptwriting, sketches, graphics, multiple point-of-view or aerial shots, hiring actors and/or voice talent, camera work, directing, travel, and of course, skilled editing. Our team does it all and we do it all in house; let us take care of all the details.

From experience, we know first-hand that the extra mile is a lonely but worthwhile place to become familiar with. We go there on every project because we believe the details and polish are just as important to think about as the angles and editing.

Like all technology, video production is a fast paced industry filled with emerging trends. Our technical team is daily on the lookout for the latest techniques and technologies, sifting through the fads to find the new industry standards that can give our clients the video edge.